Top 4 Reasons to List your Home at the First of the Year

Top 4 Reasons to list your home

Less Competition

Let's face it, in the TriCities most people wait until spring or summer to list their home. While yes a home may present a little better with flowers in bloom, spring and summer will bring more direct competition for your home to sell. Entering the market at the beginning of the year will beat some of your direct competition to the marketplace. Current inventory levels in the TriCities are low and there are plenty of active buyers who can not find homes that meet their criteria. Your home may just be the one.

Serious Buyers

Buyer's during winter months tend to be more serious than in warmer weather. We tend to see more casual buyers during warmer weather and more daylight hours. While you may not get a ton of showings during winter months, a buyer who is willing to look in inclement weather is a serious buyer. I put 7 listings under contract in December alone and expect January to be even better now that we are through the Holidays. 

The Tax Refund Effect

Every year we see buyers using their tax refunds to move into homeownership. This is especially true in the first time home buyer market where buyers will use their refunds to help with their down payment or closing costs. Most refunds are issued from January-March, take advantage of this time period where buyers may have a little more extra money than at other points in the year. 

The Election Cycle

As you are well aware, 2020 is a Presidential election year. We are already starting to be inundated with election advertising and it will only get more prominent as we move closer to the November elections. Whatever side of the political spectrum you reside on there is always a bit of uncertainty about what the future may hold during an election year.  This can affect the housing market with uncertainty about interest rates, job rates, tax structures and much more. Listing your home at the beginning of the year is an advantage before election uncertainty becomes an everyday topic with the news media. 

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